I-Simpa is an Open Source project that requires time and personal involvement in order to make it the best open source acoustics software. If you want to participate to this project, there are many ways to contribute to I-Simpa project.

Contribute to the code

I-Simpa is a great acoustics software, but may contain limited features or could need some new features. Although the I-Simpa team try to do the best to enhanced the software, volunteers and professionals can also contribute to the official I-Simpa release, by proposing their own contributions, features... You are all invited to bring this project by contributing to the code.

Write Documentation

A software is nothing without a full documentation. Few documentations are available within I-Simpa, but they need to be completed, translated or created! Volunteers who would contribute to the documentation are welcome. See this page for more information on how contributing to the documentation.

Report issues

A simple way to participate to the development of I-Simpa, is to give us your feedback, by reporting a bug, proposing an enhancement...

Translate I-Simpa

Help us to make I-Simpa widely accessible by translating it to your native language. I-Simpa use PO files and the Transifex localization platform to perform translation. If you want to contribute to translation, go to this page.

Write scripts and toolboxes

You can extend the capabilities of I-Simpa by writing your own Python scripts and toolboxes. This allows you to add new functionalities within the interface, consult data and I/O files, realize new calculations and representations, create automatic processes, develop specific applications, link I-Simpa to other calculation codes or software…  If you want to share your scripts and toolboxes, post an issue on the GitHub plateform.


Contributor licence agreement

For legal reasons, if contributors want their contribution to be added in the next I-Simpa releases, they are invited to agree with a Contributor License Agreement:

Contributors must fill one of these forms and send the signed version by mail at:

If contributions are accepted in a new release, Contributors will be added in the 'About' dialog box of I-Simpa.