Who can use I-Simpa ?

I-Simpa can be used by everyone that is interested by the field of acoustics, and mainly room acoustics and environmental acoustics, and who would like to test the software, for its own project. But remember that such software requires a minimal training and experience in the field of acoustics.

I-Simpa can be a great tool for specific users:

For researchers

As I-Simpa as been created by researchers for research (see here for more information), I-Simpa can be a support for research project. The SPPS code (embed within I-Simpa) is a reference code for the simulation of acoustic propagation in 3D complex domain, and has already been the support of several published research studies. In addition, because I-Simpa is an 'open' software, researchers can also export their results from I-Simpa to other software, or develop their own scripts and functionalities within I-Simpa, using Python scripts.

For acousticans

Because our goal was also to propose appropriate and relevant tool for the acoustic community, I-Simpa can also be used by experts (acousticians) in their studies. The Graphical User Interface of I-Simpa is probably one of the most simple and is very explicit. In addition, the SPPS code is a reference code in acoustic, which has been validated in many configurations.

For teachers and students

Because I-Simpa is a free software, with similar functionnalities that commercial software (room acoustics software for example), I-Simpa can be used as a course support. I-Simpa can be deployed on many workstations without financial cost. All basics are included in I-Simpa. In addition, I-Simpa can be easily used by students in their school projects.