I-Simpa logo and name

The I-Simpa logo and the name "I-Simpa" are  properties of Université Gustave Eiffel. The logo and the name “I-Simpa” are not part of the GNU GPL, and can only be used commercially by Université Gustave Eiffel.


How to use the logo?

If you want to use the I-Simpa logo for any other purpose, you must obtain written permission from Université Gustave Eiffel, unless the following rules are verified:

  1. The logo can only be used to point to the I-Simpa software, with the following URL: i-simpa.ifsttar.fr
  2. You should promote your own branding more prominent than you use the I-Simpa logo. It has to be clear for a viewer that this is not an official I-Simpa product or content.
  3. The logo must be unaltered. In addition, it is not allowed to combine the I-Simpa logo with any other logos or trademarks.
  4. If you want to use the I-Simpa logo for a commercial product or service, you should ask Université Gustave Eiffel, before, for explicit permission.

 For all permitted uses, you can NOT:

  1. Use the I-Simpa logo in a way that suggests any type of association or partnership with Université Gustave Eiffel (unless allowed via a license).
  2. Use the I-Simpa logo in unacceptable or inadequate contents.
  3. Use the I-Simpa logo in contents that could disparage or sully the reputation of Université Gustave Eiffel.


For any further questions, contact us.


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